Free Sample of Comfort Release

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Claim a free sample of Comfort Release bandages and tape, and notice the pain-free difference!

Comfort Release is made with a unique polymer built into the bandage’s adhesive backing. A simple swipe with rubbing alcohol helps release the stickiness, so you can remove it without pain or discomfort. 

Once the alcohol evaporates, adhesive strength returns, so you can remove, reposition, and replace Comfort Release several times. Comfort Release bandages are breathable, water resistant, adjustable and replaceable, and will stick firmly for several days of normal activity.

Comfort Release tapes are transparent and virtually invisible on your skin, and are breathable, water resistant, adjustable, replaceable, and will also stick firmly for several days of normal activity.

Comfort Release is recommended by doctors and nurses, caregivers and patients - pediatric and geriatric.

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This offer is only valid for USA

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