Free Tena Samples

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TENA is offering free sample packs of their incontinence products for men and women. 

Sign up to get some free samples of TENA for both men and women. Bladder incontinence problems don't have to be embarrassing. Check out what TENA can offer you. 

Simply answer a few questions on the offer page to start your free trial. 

Based on your answers, you'll have a few different sample kits to choose from. Select the kit that you feel best suits your, or your loved one's needs. 

Upon selecting a kit, fill in your shipping and contact information and await your free stuff by mail. 

If you enjoyed this offer, be sure to check out our post on free Depends products. Claim that offer now if you have not already.

This offer is only valid for a limited time while supplies last, so claim yours while you can. 

Free Tena Samples

This offer is only valid for Canada

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