Free Home Depot Kids Workshop

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Who doesn't love a fun, free, family activity? 

Family activities and workshops are fun and engaging, and your child gets to keep the free toy as a memory, which is the best part!

When your child participates in a FREE Home Depot kids workshop, they'll get to build a free birdhouse, and take it home with them to keep forever!

These free kids workshops are held on a Saturday of every month at Home Depot stores, and April's event is this fun birdhouse event - right in time for spring.

April's event is happening on Saturday, April 7th. 

Children will follow specific steps to build the birdhouse with a window and decorate/paint it as they like. How fun! 

Stores in the US are hosting this event from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Canadian stores are hosting this event on from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

Canadian residents: reserve your space here.

Spots are filling up fast, you'll want to register your child for this free event now while spaces are available. 

Children must be present to participate in the workshop to receive the free periscope kit. Children must also be accompanied by a parent/adult at all times during the event. 

Plus, children also receive a free certificate of achievement and a free pin. Children in the US also get a free Home Depot apron they can take home and keep.

We love finding fun and free family activities. This activity gets children out of the house and learning construction skills, totally free. 

Share this event with any families you know who would love this event. 

Have a great time!

Click on the "Get It Now" button to claim this offer.

This offer is only valid on the specified date at the specified time while spaces are available. 

Free Home Depot Kids Workshop

This offer is only valid for Canada and USA

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