Sample LevaBites or Brewer’s Yeast for Free

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If you're a new mom, Leva is offering free samples of their breastfeeding-friendly treats! 

For a limited time only, you can try Leva's LevaBites or Brewer’s Yeast:

  • LevaBites: Soft, chewy granola clusters made with all-natrual ingredients. Made from oats, chocolate, fruit, nuts and brewer's yeast to meet mom's nutritional needs. Full of protein, iron and B vitamins. Breastfeeding friendly. 
  • Brewer's Yeast: a nutritional supplement powder for new moms. Full of protein, iron, and B vitamins. Breastfeeding friendly.

Visit the link below to enter your shipping information and finish your free sample request with free shipping!

US Only. Limit one set per household. While supplies last. Please allow up to 10 weeks or more for delivery & processing. Samples may or may not come depending on if the company can fulfill the samples or any reason up to their discretion at all. 

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This offer is only valid for USA

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