How To Get Free Samples

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As a free stuff website, is the easiest and safest way for you to get free samples. Check out our website daily for the newest freebies in your area.


If you’re looking for free stuff on other websites you need to make sure you’re doing so safely.


To access free samples and discounts you’ll almost always need to provide your email address. Some people have special email accounts made through Gmail or Outlook that they only use for free samples. This can help you avoid any spam emails from companies that have provided freebies.


Some free samples require you to provide more personal information like your address or phone number.


Try and make sure that the free sample you are providing your information to is legitimate. By using as your free samples source, this isn’t something you have to worry about. We always read the terms and conditions and investigate every offer before posting it for our members.


It is very common to have to provide your mailing address to receive a freebie. Your mailing information includes your name, street address, city, state or province, country, and zip code.


Some free sample applications may also ask for your birthdate. Typically, this is OK. A company giving away a freebie or discount may ask for your birthdate to make sure you are of eligible age to receive the freebie in question. They may also ask for your birth date so they can send you a special birthday sample or coupon.


One thing a legitimate free sample should never ask for is money or credit card information.


Unless you are paying a small postage amount, you should never provide your credit card information. Providing credit card information to an illegitimate freebie could provide them with your information, identity, and credit card number.


You should also never give out your Social Security Number. Any legitimate free sample will not need this information!


Remember, the easiest way to avoid illegitimate free samples is to go through a well-known and trusted source, like us! Our mission is to provide you with the best free samples and discounts in your area. Again, we always read the terms and conditions and investigate each and every offer before posting it for our members.  


There are other ways to get free samples, too.


A lot of stores and companies will give their customers free samples if you go and pick them up.


Many large supermarkets and warehouse clubs giveaway free food samples on busy days. One of our favourite warehouses to visit for free samples is Costco. If you go to a Costco on a weekend, chances are that they have many employees stationed around the store handing out free samples.


These samples are free of any cost, however most of them should be eaten right away. While these aren’t take-home samples, they taste great and are fun to try.


Tasting free food samples in-store can actually make your shopping experience easier. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach can actually make you buy more than you need. It’s always better to shop with your eyes than your stomach!


Trying free food samples is always a great way to find new favourite family dinners and snacks! Nothing is worse than bringing home a new food only to find out you don’t like it.


Another type of free sample that is relatively easy to get your hands on are makeup samples.


Many cosmetic stores and beauty counters offer free samples of their products for you to try at home.


Cosmetic stores like Sephora often provide free luxury sized samples with purchase. If you’re shopping online, you often get to choose what samples you’d like to receive.


There are ways to get these makeup samples for free though. By going into your local department store (think Boots, Macy’s, Hudson’s Bay Company) you can often request free samples from their beauty counters.


These beauty counters are usually separated by brand, so choose your favourite! Brands like MAC, Clinique and Estée Lauder will often prepare samples of their foundations, cleansers or fragrances for you to take home with you.


They’re able to give away these samples because if you love using the product at home, you are more likely to purchase it in the future.


Head to your local beauty department to see what kind of free samples you can get!


You can also get lots of freebies for your kids! Many restaurants offer “Kids Eat Free” promotions, meaning you’re only paying for your meal.


There you have it! The lowdown on how and where to get free samples online and in person.


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