How To Win Prizes

Do you know all about the Members Only Prize Draws and Leaderboard prizes? No? Well keep reading - we break down all the ways you can win amazing prizes by using your points.


Our prize draws are what truly makes different and so much more rewarding than other ordinary free stuff websites. We reward our members with points for spending time on our site.


So, not only do members get the latest updates on freebies, coupons and discounts, giveaways, and external prize draws, they also earn points they can redeem to enter Members Only Prize Draws. We also host automatic prize draws for the Top 50 points earners of every month.


The more points you earn means the more chances you have to win amazing prizes!


There are 2 different types of prizes available to members. First, there are Members Only Prize Draws in which you select specific prizes you want to win, and redeem your points to purchase entries for that specific prize. Second, there are automatic prize draws, where our Top 50 points earners of the month are automatically awarded free gift cards for earning the most points.


Only members can earn points and win these prizes, so be sure to sign up for free here if you haven’t already. New members who sign up and confirm their emails get an automatic 500 bonus points.


Are you unsure of how you can earn extra points on Be sure to read our post on How To Earn Points here, to learn how you can earn as many points as possible.   


We host Members Only Draws, filled with amazing prizes. Current prizes to be won include Lululemon yoga pants, MAC makeup, an Aztec Secret Indian Clay facial mask, a Fossil watch, a Calvin Klein bag, and a Fujifilm Mini 8 Instant camera.


Once on the Members Only Draws page, you can see which items are available to be won. When you see a prize draw you want to enter, click on “Win This”. Each entry costs 50 points, which will be deducted from your total points bank.


Once you click on “Win This” you can choose how many entries you wish to buy. You can purchase up to 50 entries, which is 2500 points.


You will also see a completion percentage bar for each prize. Every prize is drawn once it reaches 100% completion, which is 15,000 entries. So once a prize draw has 15,000 entries, we will draw a winner.


You will be notified by email that the winners have been announced.


Please note that these rules and instructions only apply to our Members Only prize draws that we host ourselves. We also include “Free Prize Draws” on our site under the Categories tab. This prize draws category refers to external prize draws hosted by external companies that we find online and post for our members. These are still awesome prize draws and you can enter for free without using your points, and you do not need to be a member to win these prizes.


Next, we will discuss how you can earn free gift cards automatically, just for earning the most points on our site. We give away free gift cards to 50 members every month.


We award automatic prizes to the Top 50 points earners of each month. The Top 10 points earners will automatically win a free $25 gift card, and those in 11-50th place will win a free $5 gift card.


Every members who is ranked 1st to 400th is also in the running to win 1 of 4 other gift cards. Included in those 4 other gift cards is 1 gift card valued at $100, 2 gift cards valued at $50, and 1 gift card valued at $25.


So, even if you are not in the Top 50, you still have a chance to win 1 of 4 gift cards. Those in 1-50th place get a guaranteed gift card prize, and also have the chance to win 1 of 4 gift cards.


The winners of the remaining gift cards will be determined by a random draw of the users on the Leaderboard.


You can always check your standing by checking our Leaderboard, which shows the site’s Top 400 points earners. You can also check your All Time points earned since the start of your membership in the My Account tab.


We notify you by email when the month’s winners have been announced.


Other than all the amazing freebies we post online, earning points is the best part of being a member. Why would you not want to win these amazing prizes?


Start collecting as many points as you can so you can earn win some great prizes!


Good luck!