POLL: What would you do with $500 in cash from Freebies.com?

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Why is there confetti on Freebies.com? Glad you asked! Freebies.com is celebrating our members and fans who have answered our polls, riddles and trivia questions, tried our recipes and read our articles, entered our Members Only Draws, and those who have liked and shared our page/posts on Facebook. In other words, we are celebrating YOU! Freebies.com has received a milestone number of Likes on Facebook, and to thank you we will be giving away a very special Members Only Draw of $500 cash! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and please give it a like if you haven't done so already. In addition to our regular Members Only Draws, we will have more special Members Only prizes when our Facebook Likes meet the next milestone!

For the purpose of this poll, what will you do with the $500 cash prize if you win?