Do you go to the theatre to watch movies?

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Do you go to the theatre to watch movies? There is a lot to enjoy about leaving the house to go see a movie somewhere. Whether it's a theatre, drive-in or local movie at the park, seeing a film with others creates a different effect than simply watching it from your home again. An audience adds spectacle to a show and creates excitement around a movie. Hopefully it turns out good! There is also the option to buy concessions, which would include candy, popcorn and a soft drink usually. So, what's so bad about going to see a movie then? Well, people run into the same problems time and again. People sit on their phones during the movie or talk to the people around them. How do you fit a large group in one row? There's always the downside, but nothing beats taking someone out to see a movie. Do you agree? Leave us a comment below on what you prefer!