thank those close to you

Never Forget to Thank Those Close To You

Posted : October 16th at 1:14pm  

I often forget to thank the people who make me happy. Today, I want to say thank you to all those people who make my life more enjoyable every day. Thank you! Don'...

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 when you have fought so hard

When You Have Fought So Hard

Posted : October 15th at 9:03am  

When you have fought so hard to get back on your feet, never return to those who put you down. ...

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 a mother

A Mother Is Always a Mother

Posted : October 15th at 7:59am  

We love this - share it with any other mothers you know! ...

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 mother daughter

From Mother to Daughter

Posted : October 12th at 9:10am  


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How Salt Makes You Gain Weight & Ages Your Skin

Posted : October 9th at 1:40pm  

We always try to live as healthy of lives as we possibly can, but with all the advice out there it gets harder and harder to do.  We know that overconsumption of ...

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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Posted : October 4th at 11:02am  

Cooler weather is right around the corner. Scarves are a great accessory for fall and winter and are super versatile for the changes in weather.  Scarves work with...

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 homemade facial scrubs

10 DIY Homemade Facial Scrubs

Posted : September 26th at 7:01am  

Exfoliating is essential to your skin, yet often it is a missed step. Many of us do not understand the process of exfoliating our skin and why it is so important. Exfolia...

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 diy cleaning solution

Top 10 DIY Cleaning Solutions

Posted : September 25th at 11:01am  

I just love to find awesome cleaning solutions that you can make at home with little ingredients to help save you a bunch of money. Homemade cleaning solutions not only s...

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 diy projects

11 DIY Projects to Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level

Posted : August 30th at 8:07am  

Whether you rent or own your home, you want it to reflect your personal style and taste. However, some of the items we'd like to have are a little out of our budget. That...

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 school lunches

Make the Best School Lunches With Your Kids!

Posted : August 21st at 11:11am  

It's back to school time! If your child's school doesn't have a lunch program, then this chore falls on you. Or so you may think. You can actually involve your childr...

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