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 change your life

Change Your Life in 21 Days

Posted : December 31st at 12:12pm  

It's the new year, and many people start their new years with resolutions. These are not exactly resolutions, but easy tips to improve your life in only 21 days! Accor...

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 father does not recognize family

Father with Alzheimer's disease does not recognize his family but his son's idea changes everything

Posted : November 15th at 10:40am  

Every day that passed, Ted's memory became worse. It was a struggle for him to remember his loved ones and the process of bringing Ted back to the present was draining a...

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 love of your life

Meeting The Love Of Your Life

Posted : November 13th at 10:19am  

Childbirth is the only meeting where you are certain to meet the love of your life. Share this meaningful quote with any other mothers or mothers to be you may know.&nbs...

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 thankful for

Always Something to be Thankful For

Posted : October 31st at 9:59am  

There is always something, something, to be thankful for.  ...

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 all free

All Free

Posted : October 30th at 7:25am  

They say the best things in life are free - and we agree! ...

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 the best revenge

The Best Revenge

Posted : October 29th at 2:09pm  

The best revenge is to move on and continue to succeed... never give someone the satisfaction of seeing you fall or suffer. ...

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 love yourself

Love Yourself First

Posted : October 25th at 1:18pm  

We're always looking after everyone else in our lives, sometimes we forget the importance of self-care and loving yourself.  We absolutely love this way of looking ...

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 never too old

You're Never Too Old

Posted : October 23rd at 7:41am  

We love this inspirational quote from famous author C.S. Lewis: "You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." Share this great message with anyone ...

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 4 things

4 Things You Can't Get Back

Posted : October 22nd at 10:35am  

They say the best things in life are free, and we agree they are. That being said, there are 4 things you can't get back.  Do you know any other important moments ...

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 thank those close to you

Never Forget to Thank Those Close To You

Posted : October 16th at 1:14pm  

I often forget to thank the people who make me happy. Today, I want to say thank you to all those people who make my life more enjoyable every day. Thank you! Don'...

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