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 sparkling oven door

2 Easy Ways To Get a Sparkling Oven Door

Posted : February 26th at 11:43am  

Do you find your oven door is impossible to clean? You are in the right place. Once the grease and dirt are cooked on the glass, it seems that they are stuck there for ...

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 10 things to never buy at the grocery store

10 Things You Should Never Buy At The Grocery Store

Posted : February 19th at 8:43am  

Do you like your neighborhood grocery store? Do you buy everything you need? If so, your local grocery store probably likes you too. Your grocery store probably likes ...

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 useful car tricks

5 Useful Car Tricks For Every Season

Posted : February 14th at 9:58am  

Whether it's deep cleaning the car's air intakes or preventing your drink from tipping over, these tips are all very practical and simple. You can add yours in the comme...

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 valentine's day date ideas

Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Posted : February 4th at 10:02am  

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Do you still need to firm up some last minute Valentine’s Day plans? No worries - we have compiled a list of budge...

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 valentine's day gift ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted : February 4th at 1:02am  

Stumped on what to get someone for Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic - we have compiled a list of the best and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for both...

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 don't lift windshield wipers

Why you shouldn't lift your windshield wipers

Posted : January 14th at 2:01pm  

Although many people have this habit, straightening the wipers of the car in anticipation of an ice storm is not a good idea, as this may reduce their efficiency or cau...

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 foods to freeze

21 Foods To Freeze In Large Portions

Posted : January 9th at 8:01am  

The freezer, even small, is your best friend when it comes to saving money on groceries. Buy foods when they're on sale, and avoid wasting it with these 22 wise tips fo...

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 window insulation

Window Insulation Hack

Posted : December 10th at 3:04pm  

Whether you like it or not, colder winter weather is here. Hate the cold? Having trouble keeping the cold weather outside?  Make your home extra cozy and...

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 never buy at the dollar store

5 Things You Should Never Buy at the Dollar Store

Posted : November 19th at 1:11pm  

Everything is getting more and more expensive and wages are not increasing enough for most of us. And while we are super frugal, and love to save money, sometimes cutti...

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 defrost your windshield

Defrost Your Windshield In No Time

Posted : November 13th at 10:00am  

Simplify your life, defrost your inner or outer windshield in no time with this easy recipe! Save time by using this simple concoction for defrosting your inner or out...

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