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It's the new year, and many people start their new years with resolutions. These are not exactly resolutions, but easy tips to improve your life in only 21 days!

According to a NASA study, you only need 21 days to transform your life. In just 21 days, you can include a new habit that will have important repercussions on all spheres of your life and on your surroundings as well.

Here are 5 simple things you can do for 21 days anytime to end the year better than you start it.

Let's start with the simplest:

For 21 days, write down a positive thing about your day or your life.

These positive affirmations will give you after 21 days only a healthier and more positive look on you, your surroundings and your life. This will attract positive vibrations into your life and keep away from you the negative aspects of the world around you.

Eliminate harmful foods from your diet.

Do not try to change too drastically. The drastic changes only chase the natural to come back at a gallop. Take one thing that is harmful to your diet and reduce or eliminate it. Salt, sugar, soft drinks, red meat, excess alcohol, etc.

Add healthy food to your daily diet.

Something as simple as eating an apple a day for 21 days will have a big effect on your entire diet. But how can one apple have so much influence, do you ask perhaps? An apple, 10 nuts, a green vegetable, a big glass of water on waking in the morning, these are small gestures, but these gestures will make you aware of your diet and give you a feeling of power to have accomplished a good thing in your day. The gratification is instant.

Do a 16-hour fast every day for 21 days.

This is much simpler than it may seem at first glance. Simply choose an 8-hour range during the day when you are allowed to eat. Outside of these hours, you do not eat anything at all. Water and herbal teas are allowed as well as a glass of alcohol - beer, wine or alcohol are allowed. That's all, no other restrictions.

And finally, communicate with a different person for 21 days.

You definitely have twenty-one people in your address book, email list or Facebook friends. So choose 21 with whom you will communicate directly and to whom you will give good news or a compliment. "I liked your last haircut." "I have a new baby in the family, my daughter had a baby." Just have a look at the Facebook thread or review your list of 21 positive things to find one to share. To communicate in a positive way will have a great impact on you and on those around you. So, make your list and whether by phone, in writing, by text message or even in person for a coffee talk positively with a person. (Warning: if the communication drifts to the negative, change the subject to return to the positive aspects of the day.)

It is important to hold the 21 days and it is best to do your action at the same time if possible.

Also, making a commitment in a group or with a friend gives you more chance of success. And, you can share your day to encourage each other.

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