Perk up your house plants with this simple, frugal and fun homemade recipe!

Are your house plants looking a little down in the dumps? You will be surprised at how easy, and frugal it is to give them the little nutritional boost that they need with this old fashioned homemade pioneer plant food formula.


3/4 cup or 177 mL of ammonia

1 tbsp or 15 mL of salt peter (this can be purchased at drug stores or pharmacies)

1 tbsp or 15 mL of Epsom Salt

2 multivitamin tablets (can be your lowest cost brand)

1 tbsp or 15 mL of baking powder

1/2 tsp or 3 mL of liquid hand soap

1/2 tsp or 3 mL of unflavored gelatin

1 gallon or 4 L of water

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Mix all of your ingredients into a bucket and pour the mixture into a container that has a tight lid, make sure you remember to label it. Once a month use 1 cup or 240 mL of your plant food per gallon or 4 L of water. You will be surprised at how fast your plants will start to perk right up and be back to their old selves again.

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