don't lift wipers

Although many people have this habit, straightening the wipers of the car in anticipation of an ice storm is not a good idea, as this may reduce their efficiency or cause damage to the wipers themselves.

The problem is that it creates an undue tension on the springs of the windshield wiper arms. In the long run, the pressure to stick to the windshield may loosen, and the wipers will become less efficient.

In addition, with the weight of the ice or a simple gust of wind, the wipers could fall suddenly on the windshield and crack it.

The best thing against ice? The classic scaper.

The best way to get rid of ice on a vehicle is to use the traditional scraper. Use the back of the scraper to break the ice cover, and continue working with the flat side.

Heat the car up. 

If the ice layer is very thick, it will be easier to remove when the vehicle warms up. Turning the car in neutral is bad for the environment, but it is important to have an unobstructed view for obvious reasons of road safety. We will, therefore, seek the best possible compromise. For example, the use of an engine heater can speed up the heating of the passenger compartment and reduce fuel consumption during cold weather starts.

Frozen door?

If the door refuses to open, we can give small strokes with the palm of the hand on the junction. In extreme cases, you can use a bucket of hot water, but be careful, it will then dry all with a towel, especially rubbers. You should also avoid pulling too hard on the handle of the door, which is not made to tolerate as much force. If the door opens painfully, be careful not to tear off the rubbers!

Also, it is important to cover the rubber with some silicone spray and also to put a deicer in the lock - do not wait until it is frozen.

Source CAA

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